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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Election; 2012

“I don’t care how many people die in Afghanistan.  I just want my health care.”

        -- Former online ‘friend’

(Note:  I deleted this person from my friends-list on two sites after this comment.  It shows a shallowness of character and a selfishness bordering on monstrousness.)

As you can see by the photo, I’ve already voted.

Oregon, my home state, has vote-by-mail.  This has increased voter-turnout dramatically, and makes it possible for a wide variety of people (shut-ins; etc.) who could not otherwise get to a polling place to make their voices heard.

(This, I’m sure, gives the Teabaggers apoplexy, because of their strawman called ‘Voter Fraud’.  In point of fact, we’ve had very few cases of voter fraud in Oregon, before or after vote-by-mail – but I digress.)

As you can also see, I voted, as I said I would, for Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party.


  • Because I refuse to be intimidated.

  • Because, as the quote above illustrates, the price of some things are too high – and an extra $40 off my blood-pressure medication isn’t worth my civil liberties.

  • Because there’s a hole in the national fabric where the First Amendment used to be.

  • Because our military is larger than that of the next fifteen countries combined – all but two of which are allies.

  • Because we’re creating more enemies than we can ever possibly kill.

  • Because this used to be a great nation.

  • Because we used to dream great dreams and do great things – and now we’re content to go to war with half the world.

  • Because I love this country enough to ‘throw away my vote’ on someone who won’t compromise her values, rather than vote for a potential ‘winner’ and participate in throwing away my whole country.

  • Because I’m sick of people who pander to any and everyone to get elected.

  • Because democracy is not a popularity contest.

  • Because voices need to be heard – and they’re more than just who ‘wins’ or ‘loses’.

  • Because the lesser of two evils is still evil.

I’ve no illusions regarding how this will end.

Either Barack Obama will win a second term, and everyone who whistled past the freshly-dug grave of the Bill of Rights will not look back, but breathe a sigh of relief that their guy won, or Mitt Romney will deliver a shit-eating grin into the camera on election night along with his toady, Paul Ryan – and they’ll set about on the 21st of January demolishing the last of New Deal and Eisenhower-era Progressivism.

Regardless, the gap between rich and poor will likely get wider – because there’s nothing either Obama or Romney are either willing or capable of doing to prevent it. 

This will end in likely revolution – because the 1% have left the Rest of Us nowhere else to turn, and we have no real leaders who are interested in anything other than the strawmen of religion and fakery.

As I’ve said before, the falcon sure as shit can’t hear the falconer –and the center quit holding quite a while ago.

One thing is certain, though.

I voted. 

I voted my values, and not my fears.

This year, I refused the lesser of two evils.

Now; you’ll excuse me.  I have a date with the post-office.

And I won’t be late.

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